Jura, Corryvreckan and Colonsay – 6 night cruise (Saturday to Friday)

Availability 31st Aug to 6th Sept
2 places                         
(1 double cabin*)

*Double £1320 per person

A gentle late season cruise where we will take advantage of the natural shelter afforded by the islands (Mull, Colonsay, Jura and Islay). In recent years we’ve had abundant sightings in the area of cetaceans and basking sharks. Our extensive local knowledge will also allow visits to sites in the vicinity of Golden and White Tail Eagles. We will also aim to visit historically interesting island sites such as the Garvellachs, Oronsay (Colonsay) and Nave. We will anchor in West Loch Tarbert (Jura) and view the amazing raised beaches before our passage through the Gulf of Corryvreckan.

Destination: guests join motor vessel Hjalmar Bjorge around 1600 on Saturday 31 August in Oban. Our departure shortly thereafter will see us on anchor for our first evening meal aboard.

The itinerary is dependent on weather – balancing shelter with reaching our preferred destinations – but may include for example, some of the following places;

  • Garvellachs (Isles of the Sea), we’ll land on Eileach an Naoimh
  • Colonsay and Isle Oronsay, overnight anchorage and land on both.
  • Nave Island (off Islay) a short visit to explore the Monastic ruins and chapel on this rarely visited island.
  • Jura and the Sound of Islay
  • Scarba, hopefully a short walk for a dramatic view of the whirlpool.
  • The Gulf of Corryvreckan, tides and weather permitting we’ll make passage through the Gulf.

On the final day we head back into Oban for your departure after breakfast on Friday 6 September.

Wildlife highlights we’ve enjoyed on previous cruises:  

Birds of prey like Buzzards & Kestrel are widespread, with Sparrowhawk & Peregrine needing more patience & luck is needed to see the diminutive Merlin – Black Guillemots (known as Tysties) in their striking plumage – Acrobatic Choughs on their Scottish breeding strongholds of Colonsay and Oronsay – Smart Dippers & Grey Wagtails bobbing along stream sides – Responsible viewing of Golden & Sea Eagles as they afford privileged views on their territories, hunting for prey to feed their chicks in spring, with sightings of successfully fledged young ending the season – Hooded Crows, strikingly different from their southern cousins – Incredibly acrobatic Ravens giving everything else in the sky a flying lesson – Skuas, both Arctic and Bonxies shadow the boat, parasitizing other seabirds of their food

Cetacean encounters most commonly with Minke, Humpback’s are a less frequent visitor, occasional sightings of Fin and Sperm whale – the Hebrides have a resident Pod of Orca and the area is occasionally visited by an Icelandic pod – frequent encounters with Common, Bottlenose & Whitebeak dolphins, Risso & Whitesided dolphins are also occasionally sighted – Basking sharks have been scarce the last few years but are still seen and seem to be returning, we know the hot spots! 


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