Our Cruises

Imagine sitting inside a warm and comfortable boat, eating freshly prepared canapés or homemade scones whilst sipping a delicious fruit smoothie. On one side you look out and see historic buildings, on the other seals bobbing in the water and birds swooping nearby…and you haven’t left the harbour yet.

Out at sea it’s another world. Delightful dolphins, mighty minkes, pantomime puffins and elusive otters…all viewed from the comfort and safety of a small and friendly cruise boat. Red deer can be seen on the peaks and beaches while eagles soar overhead. A huge variety of birds fish the seas and unusual plant-life including wild orchids, palm trees and exotic sub-tropical gardens – thanks to the warm Gulf Stream – complete the scene. The Hebrides is renowned for its extraordinary diversity of wildlife, birds and scenery with seas amongst the richest for cetaceans in Europe.

Our varied cruises all share one common aim – to show you North West Scotland’s natural environment and a sample of all that it has to offer. By “natural environment” we mean landscapes such as hills and beaches, plants, trees, flowers and grasses; birds ranging from puffins and gannets to eagles and petrels; cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoise); other marine mammals such as basking sharks and seals; mammals such as otter and deer and, last but not least, natural phenomena such as rainbows and beautiful sunsets. In a word our cruises remain “flexible” to encompass the vagaries of the weather and the interests of those onboard. We like to ask guests where they might like to go and what they hope to see and, if possible, we’ll weave these requests into the cruise. Some cruises have destination-specific itineraries, some do not.

Shore Visits

Daily shore visits are an important part of every cruise. Although both our boats are fabulous who wants to spend 24 hours a day at sea? A shore visit might comprise a short stroll or a longer all-day walk when a packed lunch will be provided. There are picture-perfect beaches, bustling towns, glorious gardens, historic castles and a whole range of hills, large and small, for you to explore. Shore visits are optional and if you’d rather stay on the boat you may of course do so. Evenings might find the vessel in a tranquil sea loch where the evening meal could be accompanied by a warm sunset or a glowing moon. On other evenings the boat might visit local towns and villages enabling guests to visit pubs and inns perhaps for a wee dram or a walk after dinner. We never plan to cruise at night and will do so only if weather dictates passage to a safer haven.

Islands and Wildlife

Click to read a little about some of the islands you might be able to visit, the wildlife you may see and don’t forget to look at our photo galleries compiled from images sent to us by our brilliant guests.

Breakfast, a filling 2-course lunch, homemade cakes or biscuits and 3-course dinner will be served daily. All your “in between” snacks such as biscuits, hot drinks and fruit are included in the price. Click here to read about the homemade food that we serve onboard.

What our customers say

Both of us had an excellent time and made some new friends as well.

SH, Lancashire