Chalice was the charter boat we first began our business with way back in 1995. She was built as a liveaboard vessel in 1980 in Falmouth and, unusually, has a ferrocrete hull. Before we ran Chalice she was well know for dive charter and pelagic bird watching cruises off the Isles of Scilly. On 3 August 1988 a dark-rumped storm petrel was seen from Chalice. This bird could not be conclusively identified thus the boat became the only one in the UK to end up with a bird named after her – the “Chalice petrel”.

Despite being smaller than Hjalmar Bjørge, Chalice, being a purpose-built liveaboard, could accommodate 12 guests plus five crew and additionally had two saloons although one of these doubled as the skipper’s bedroom! Chalice was also fully stabilised and was ideal for relaxed itineraries where speed and power were not essential.

We sold Chalice to Chris Jackson in December 2002. Mark spent the early part of the next season onboard showing Chris the ropes…and the engine room of course! Chris has been running Chalice ever since with Northern Light Charters administrating his cruises. After much thought Chris decided to sell Chalice following the 2007 season thus she is no longer with us.







The Gannet is the largest seabird indigenous to the British Isles, at up to 95 cm (37 inches) in length, and 70% of the world's population of gannets breed.