Norwegian Rescue Ships

Welcome to a little bit of Northern Light Cruising Co’s’ website dedicated to Hjalmar Bjørge and her sister ships. Hjalmar Bjørge (Rescue Ship No. 69) was one of 13 very similar 22.85m Rescue Vessels commissioned by the NSSR (Norsk Selskab til Skibbrudnes Redning or Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue) between 1963 and 1972. 

Hjalmar Bjørge was stationed at various sites including Måløy (Sogn og Fjordane) and Vardø (Finnmark). She is pictured below with sister ship Elizabeth G (formerly Bergen Kreds) and “big sister” Hans Hansson. We were pleased to offer charters aboard these two vessels for a number of seasons. Click on the links, left, to read more about each Rescue Ship…and PLEASE if you have any up to date information about any of the ships do email us so we can try and keep these pages up to date. Please note that any factual mistakes probably arise as a result of my attempted translation of Norwegian, rather than misinformation being supplied. Mark over the years has gained much knowledge in the operation and running of these vessels, frequently being approached for advice by owners and potential buyers.

Do please contact us in case we know of others, as yet unadvertised. Likewise please let us know if you see one of the sister ships for sale so this site can be kept current. Thank you.