Northern Light has been running charters out to St Kilda for 20 years. During this period we have run a number of liveaboard vessels taking hundreds of passengers to the archipelago. For a number of years we also took the Scottish National Trust work-parties to Hirta enjoying a 100% success rate in getting the work parties there and back! In the past we operated specialist dive charters out to St Kilda, pioneering many new dive sites and enjoying a reputation for getting divers there and staying there! Our longest stay at Hirta has been for over a week!  We now offer wildlife cruises to St Kilda.

A liveaboard cruise to St Kilda allows the skipper to plan the optimum weather window to visit, not only to get you there but to make the best of the weather during your stay. Overnight, on anchor at St Kilda can be a magical experience and of course you have the opportunity for a number of shore excursions. Your (overnight) stay on anchor also gives you eligibilty to join as a full member the St Kilda Club.

A particular highlight of our cruises is our tour round the archipelago to see the stacs. We don’t make a quick dash out of Village Bay to Boreray! Our preferred route is to cruise down to the end of Dun then to turn west and go clockwise round Dun and Hirta.

The passage through Soay Sound is dramaric, to say the least, and is an unmissable experience! We’ll look into Glen Bay before cruising over to Boreray and Stac Lee. Here we’ll have a close inspection of the gannetry before heading north and rounding Stac an Armin before cruising down the east side of Boreray. Depending on the itinerary we’ll then either return to Village Bay or otherwise leave St Kilda. This cruise (depending on weather and sea conditions) generally take 2-3 hours!

What our customers say

Please organise the same weather and same group next year.

Alison C, Cirencester