Crossing to St Kilda

Trips to the Outer Hebrides and on to St Kilda can be rougher than cruising the Inner Hebrides. The crossing from North Uist to St Kilda is a 45 mile stretch of water which is rarely flat calm. It takes on average between six and eight hours to make this crossing. The weather here is no worse than the Western Isles in general, but once we pass through the Outer Isles, sea conditions can be intensified by incoming winds or swell from the Atlantic.

In summer Village Bay usually provides shelter from all but south easterly winds but during winter storms huge waves regularly crash over the top of Dun’s 170m high cliffs.

If you do suffer from motion sickness you should seek advice prior to your departure and bring a remedy which suits you. You may not need sea-sickness remedies but you should come prepared. Hjalmar Bjørge is stabilised, which makes a huge difference of course, but you would be wise not to expect flat seas. The vessel was built in Norway for unforgiving Arctic waters so can easily take the worst weather Scotland has to offer but there’s no guarantee our passengers will have the stamina to match the boat’s capabilities!

Rest assured that where an itinerary includes St Kilda we will do our utmost to get you there. We know the inclusion of St Kilda has attracted you and we will do everything we can to show you this remote and breath-taking place. Do please note, however, that when planning the crossing to St Kilda should your skipper consider the weather, or any other conditions, unfavourable in any way, s/he will change the destination to a safer alternative. We do not take risks with our passengers well-being.