The Crew

Crewing aboard Hjalmar Bjorge for 2018 will see Mark Henrys at the helm for the 23rd consecutive season. Assisting Mark will be his wife Anna White.  Hjalmar Bjorge will be alternatively skippered by Tim Wear. Tim will be aboard a Northern Light vessel for his 12th consecutive season. 
All Northern Light crew hold or are working toward STCW95 qualifications, further blog details on all our team follows;

Tim Wear started sailing at the tender age of seven and has over 31 years experience of sailing on the West coast of Scotland alone. Based on the Isle of Skye he has worked as a fisherman, yacht skipper and ran his own charter boat for seven years. Since 2004 he has been working in the Mediterranean but is returning to the West Coast because the sailing and anchorages are better. Well, that’s his view and he’s sticking to it! Tim has qualifications coming out of his ears and is a friendly guy who always appears calm and relaxed – ideal when the vagaries of Scotland’s ever-changing weather is dictating what you can and cannot do!!!

picture028Anna White is Mark’s wife, they have worked together aboard Hjalmar Bjorge for the last eight seasons. Having completed studies in climatology and oceanography, Anna is able to offer guests an insight into the oceanic and meteorological environment. When not working with Mark at sea she works as a consultant for Dryad Marine Intelligence a company offering specialist intelligence in the fight against international marine piracy, she also works as a French translator.


Steve Milne has also been sailing for 20 years, 15 as a Commercial Yacht Skipper and Cruising Instructor, crossing the Atlantic and cruising around the UK, as well as the Mediterranean where he presently lives aboard his yacht on the Greek Island of Lefkas.  He has been cooking for 11 years, first for Birmingham Airport Fire Service and private parties, then moving on to Boot Camps, yoga retreats, Thames Barges, and more recently aboard the RSS Ernest Shackleton in the South Atlantic and as the summer chef at Halley Base for the British Antarctic Survey. Steve loves to explore new places, discover new foods and learn about food history.

Karen Aspen first came to life cooking on board boats when she was 20. She Karen Aspenwas initially hired to cook for a group cruising round the Inner Hebrides on a 60 foot schooner for a long weekend but ended up staying on the sail down to Portsmouth.She helped on the yacht’s refit and then crossed the Atlantic and cooked on board for the season in the Caribbean.

She spent her twenties cooking on yachts used by documentary and natural history film makers who were capturing images of cetaceans. This led to work as a whale guide on the Isle of Mull where she still lives.

Sarah Long is joining us this year as a crew member, having previously worked on boat trips to St Kilda and the Bass Rock. Sarah loves marine wildlife, and developed a passion for seabirds while working at the Scottish Seabird Centre for two years. Since then, she has assisted with seabird and marine mammal research around Scotland, including spending a season living and working on the Isle of May NNR.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys bird ringing, cycling, hiking and kayaking. 

Sarah Kirk has worked for us, on both Hjalmar Bjorge and Zuza over the past 8 sarah kirkyears.  Having been brought up on boats in her native New Zealand she has vast sailing experience and is now herself a fully qualified skipper.  She has proved her mettle in the galley too, having cooked aboard Zuza for us in previous years.  And we don’t let her rest over winter, as for the last few seasons Sarah keeps Hjalmar Bjorge looking fantastic with renovations and repainting!


Patrick Scullion will join us for a couple of trips this season to delight guests with his culinary skills.  Patrick has 6 years of cooking experience in restaurants at home in Kent, London and yachts in the Mediterranean. He recently completed second ski season in Switerland.  His passions are hiking and the outdoors, with any free time spent hiking all over Europe. This stems from hiking in Scotland from a young age. 


Now studying a marine degree in Bangor, Tiree Withers will once again join us on the occasion cruise during the summer. Tiree’s whacky humour and dexterous ability on deck will entertain all. She will also (hopefully) bring us some up to date scientific reflections!



We “release” Michelle Baron from her admin role in the office occasionally to crew aboard Hjalmar Bjorge and she’ll be joining an early season cruise this year.  As a keen runner, she has been known to encourage guests to join her for a run on shore visits, so be on your guard!




Lynda FieldenLynda Fielden has been a keen sailor for over 40 years and lists the west coast of Scotland as her most favourite cruising area in terms of beauty, choice of anchorages and of course the people. She has cooked aboard Hjalmar Bjorge for a few seasons and may return this year as a relief chef

She is happiest afloat and on the west coast where she keeps her Coribbee yacht and is generally found laughing or smiling as she cooks and most likely,being Irish, enjoying a chat.

We’ve had lots of other lovely people working for us in previous years.

“Big John” Maughan, who occasionally has worked for us over the years is now happily married to Cathy and living in Croggan, Loch Spelve. We often see them both, when Hbj moors in Loch Spelve, they like to hop in their small boat and pop over to serenade Mark with his favourite tunes!!!! Unfortunately John is still working on the ‘dark side’ with Calmac. If you’re ever on the Tobermory – Kilhoan ferry you might see him at the wheel.

Also in the photo with Big John is Ylva Powlett, also now married and living close to Oban. Finally Lulu (Lindsay Wilson – now Warner) who is now married to Mark, with a beautiful daughter Hazel. 

Our thanks to previous crew members, anybody missing please forgive me and send me a reminder!

Craig Robinson, Mark Brading, Eszter Dominia, Kirsty Campbell, Molly Scanlon, Heather MacNeil, Mark Powlett, Izzie Fletcher, Helen Ricketts, Alice Cooper, Trixi Julier, Gog Julier, Martha Julier, Rachel Owens, Kathryn Mackinnon, Graham Samways, Bex Allen.

What our customers say

We could not have asked for a better holiday last week. I found the group very stimulating and have not laughed so much for a long time.

Ruth & Andrew F, Stroud


Male Orca can grow to 30ft long and weigh over 10 tonnes. Females are slightly smaller than males but still formidable hunters!