Guest Adam penned this great poem about his cruise aboard Hjalmar Bjorge at the end of May.  Thanks Adam!

Log of “Hjalmar Bjorge” 20-29 May 2017

To visit places quite remotegillyb card
You need a special kind of boat
Whose skipper and his gifted crew
Instinctively know what to do
To care for passengers afloat


From Oban where begins this story
The Sound of Mull to Tobermory
Moored beside the new pontoon
(Which with the tide goes up and…down)
We taste superb gastronomy


At Eigg from gently shelving strand
We walk, and test some singing sand,
And so to Rhum whose sheltered bay
Provides a pleasant place to stay
At anchor, not a place to land


The Minch and in a quartering sea
The cabin is the place to be
And Harris Sound
Is where we’re bound
To berth at Leverburgh’s quay


Deserted Scarp (no text, no phoneHBj card
What eeriness to feel alone)
Loch Tamnabaigh
The place to stay
Another very pleasant day is done


A walk of distance indeterminate
Will take us to a black house hut
Then a few West Lewis miles
To anchor in Loch Roag’s Isles
By Pabbay where we climbed its height


The forecast’s poor, so Flannans “No!”
And Berneray’s the place to go
(After kippers quite sublime
We’d happily eat them all the time)
Then motor on to Carloway
Watch golden eagle with its prey


Next Flannans* try, with mixed forecast
A long slow swell we travel west
(New Baudouin diesels have such power
You’d think you’re there within the hour)
And thence to Brode with course South East


 (*Climb steps up Flannan’s Eileen Mor
To its lighthouse via the lighthouse store
The adjacent isle is not so high
The puffins call it “Eileen Teagh”)


From Brode to Canna on a tranquil sea
We eastward shape our odyssey
Astern the threat of rolling mist
Abeam to port the Point of Neist
And all the south west coast of Skye


 It really is an awful shame
To give a lovely Island, Muck, that name
Thence Ardtornish on the Morvern side
Approaching on a rising tide
(A dreadful rhyme – I take the blame!)


Our grateful thanks to Anna and to Mark (x 2)sunset outer hebrides with flag by richard goodson
We wish the very best for you
Our splendid voyage’s nearly done…
But feels it’s only just begun
Because you’re such a marvellous crew


And thanks also to Marc Calhoun
Whose home state is of Washington
 His zeal in matters Hebridean
Really is quite herculean
His knowledge never let us down


Hazel and Tom who wanted to see an otter

The skipper said he knows it’s there
 (And he’s the skipper, lets be fair!)
All eyes are turned towards the shore
To see the elusive cre-a-ture
A challenge to an absent otter
“Reveal yourself, you little rotter!”


The Skipper doubted I could find anything polite to rhyme with “Muck” or anything at all with “Ardtornish”

The Skipper said that I would duck
To find a rhyming word for “Muck”
And that the muse would wholly perish
 when faced with…”Ardtornish”
I do not like to be outdone
What follows is a bit of fun


 It is a piece of rotten luck
To call a lovely island, “Muck”
But those I seriously admonish
To call this glorious, sunny, evening shore
Above which white and golden eagles soar