A post for our German readers!  Guests Christian and Giovanna from Germany joined our Western Isles Explorer cruise at the end of July and have shared their account of the cruise, which also contains some of their fantastic photos.  Read the blog here:

Oban, Tobermory und St. Kilda:  https://streifzug.me/2017/08/12/schottland-tage-7-9-oban-tobermory-und-st-kilda/

Felsen von St. Kilda, Scarp: https://streifzug.me/2017/08/13/schottland-tag-10-felsen-von-st-kilda-scarp/

South Harris, North Uist, Eriskay, Mingulay und Barra: https://streifzug.me/2017/08/16/schottland-tage-11-13-south-harris-north-uist-eriskay-mingulay-und-barra/

Canna, Tobermory und Schluss: https://streifzug.me/2017/08/17/schottland-tage-14-16-und-schluss/

Dolphin by Christian WetzelThis has to be one of the best dolphin shots we have ever seen!  One of many fantastic photos in the blog, so even if you can’t read German it’s worth a look!!


Monachs. The main islands of Ceann Ear, Ceann Iar and Shivenish are all linked at low tide. At one time it was possible to walk all the way to Baleshare, and on to North Uist, five miles away at low tide.