September 2017


Another “magic” cruise

Away from the ship on walks across moorland tracks, there was nothing to break the silence but natural sounds, bird life, the sough of the wind through the grasses and always the chuckle of waves on the shores


Western Isles Explorer

Read the blog from our Western Isles Explorer cruise in German, including some fantastic photos


Jura, Corryvreckan and Colonsay

“Going south” and round a cluster of remote islands to see ruins ancient and modern, beautifully-posed eagles, singing seals, distilleries and a famous whirlpool.


Basking Shark Bonanza

Another 3 basking sharks, a few minke whales, several pods of dolphins playing around the boat, it was hard to find the time to eat the lemon drizzle cake!


Atlantic puffins have penguin-like colouring but they sport a colourful beak that has led some to dub them the "sea parrot". The beak fades to a drab grey during the winter and blooms with colour again in the spring.