August 2016


2017 cruises

We have finalised our cruising programme for 2017 and we are now taking bookings.


Western Isles Explorer

It’s perfect spotting conditions. First up three White Beak dolphins, then it’s some Common Dolphins followed by a Minke Whale.


4th St Kilda cruise

A sunny visit to St Kilda, with sightings of sunfish, minke whales, common dolphins, a sea eagle and thousands of puffins


Hebrides illustrated!

Our July Outer Hebridean Explorer and St Kilda cruise was recorded by some lovely artwork by guest Linda


Atlantic puffins have penguin-like colouring but they sport a colourful beak that has led some to dub them the "sea parrot". The beak fades to a drab grey during the winter and blooms with colour again in the spring.