Friday 11 January 2013 | New website for Northern Light Charters  Our new website has been launched – we hope you like the new look!  We’ve also launched a Facebook page.  Both the website and the Facebook page showcase guests’ fabulous photos from their holidays with us.  We’ve tried to identify and credit the photographer where possible, but please feel free to tag yourself on any photos you have taken that are featured on our Facebook page.  Or let us know if we’ve used one of your photos on our new website without crediting you.

Thursday 10 January 2013 | Threat to the UK’s resident Orcas Worrying news has been reported this week about the UK’s only resident polulation of killer whales, which are regularly spotted off the North West coast of Scotland.  The pod is thought to consist of whales who may now be too old to reproduce. Hjalmar Bjorge guests were delighted to see 5 of the group of orcas last season in August, and it’s sad to think that such encounters might become rarer in the furure.  Read more in the BBC’s news report.

Wed 2 January 2013 | Happy New Year  All at Northern Light Charters wish you a Happy and Healthy 2013 and trust you had an enjoyable festive season. Many thanks to those who sent us messages, cards and e-cards over the Christmas period. John and Sue Taylor’s email included the words, “Our thoughts, on this the winter Solstice, have turned again to the fantastic week we spent with you all last August,” and included some lovely photos. Here’s one (below) of Hjalmar Bjorge at the Monachs. If that beautiful blue sea and sky have inspired you to join one of our Hebridean Wildlife and Island Cruises you can check the latest availability here.

 mingulay pan - john taylor

Fri 28 Dec | Congratulations cookie!  Huge congratulations to former Northern Light Charters chef Mark Powlett who married his fiancée Emma today. He is following in the footsteps of sister Ylva, also a former Northern Light Charters chef, who likewise got married during 2012.