Sun 9 Sep | Baby dolphins bow-riding  Hjalmar Bjorge sailed north bound for Canna this morning. West of Rum, and with a fair swell running, the boat gained an escort of six common dolphins. There were four adults and two calves, one was the smallest Mark had ever seen in his 18 years off the west coast of Scotland, less than three feet long and coloured very distinctly (almost brown). They played on the bow for over 50 minutes. It almost seemed like a training session for the calves with the adults closely chaperoning them through their essential moves. It was wonderful to watch. Above right: one of the adult dolphins by Mark Henrys

Hjalmar Bjorge anchored at Canna for lunch before guests were landed ashore for the afternoon.

Sat 8 Sep | Sea eagle sentinel  Mark, Mark B and Anna met guests on the Railway Pier this afternoon. Heading north past the Grey Isles the sea eagle, seen on both recent passages up and down the Sound of Mull, was spotted once again. A couple of guests quipped that he must be a cut-out, designed to impress sailors at the start of their holiday, when, as usual, he lifted off and flew away. Hjalmar Bjorge anchored in Loch Drumbuie for the evening and overnight.

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